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Harry Potter

First Harry Potter art – Snape themed as he is my favorite character (helps that Alan Rickman is so amazing).

One more art

Another Castle piece with textures from Lost and Taken. Great resource site if you are interested.

New Castle Art

A small update with two new Castle pieces.


All updated

That was so much easier than I thought it would be. All art is now updated and hopefully works. I have gone through and cleaned out most of the old site, which feels good. All my textures and resources are now gone, because they were never that great and there are so many better places to get them.

I do have a new Castle piece that I thought I would share…

Something New

I haven’t updated my site in almost two years, so I decided that I needed a change. Not sure how well this format will work, but we will see. I am still figuring it out and I still need to go through my art work and figure out what I still want to display. I am only going to be using this site for my artwork. Nothing else is planned at this point.